Certification FAQs

Which all certificates are offered by Salesforce?

FOR SALESFORCE ARCHITECTS Platform Developer I exam is a prerequisite for the Platform II Developer and Technical architect certifications.
Administrator certification is a prerequisite for the Advanced Administrator, Sales Cloud and Service Cloud certifications.

How many questions are there in the Platform developer I and Salesforce Administrator exam?

How much time is required to prepare for Platform developer I and Salesforce Administrator exam?

If you have experience in Salesforce administrator or Plaform developer I, you should be able to prepare for the exam in 3-4 weeks.
However, if you do not have prior experience, you should plan to spend a  couple of months going through tutorials and working on the Salesforce platform before going for the exam.
These are just reference timelines, you may need more or less time based upon your specific experience,time you spend per day on preparation and whether you take any formal training.

What is the process to register for Platform developer I and Salesforce Administrator exam?

To register for the exam visit http://www.webassessor.com/salesforce . Create a new webassessor login.
After you have created a login, you can choose the exam and a location convenient to you, pay the fees via the credit card to schedule the exam. Webassessor has testing centers across all major cities on the globe.

What is exam fees for Platform developer I and Salesforce Administrator exam?

The Exam fees for Platform developer I and Salesforce Administrator is $200.

What type of questions are there in Platform developer I and Salesforce Administrator exam?

Platform developer I and Salesforce Administrator certification has multiple choice questions. They may have one correct answer or multiple correct answers. In case there are multiple correct answers, exam mentions the number of correct answers. If there are more than one correct answers, you must specify all of them to get credit for your answer.
Is there any negative marking in Platform developer I and Salesforce Administrator exam?

There is no negative marking in the exam. So you should attempt to answer all the questions.

How do I prepare for the exam? Will the certification help me find a job?

Certifications from Salesforce are highly valued in the market. Although certification does not guarantee a (better) job, certification will definitely help you in landing up more interview calls.

What is the passing score for the certification exams?

For Platform Developer I exam, 68% is the passing criteria.
For Salesforce Administration exam, 65% is the passing criteria.

How often do the certification exams change?

Salesforce has three annual releases - Summer, Spring and Winter releases. Along with each of these releases, Salesforce also updates the certification exams.

What are the requirements for maintaining the certification?

Maintenance of Salesforce certification is now free of cost and it is moved to Trailhead. There is no need to pay maintenance charges.

The initial exam fee includes fee for two upgrades. So if you take the exam in Spring 16, your fee will take care of Summer 16 and Winter 17 release upgrade examsIt’s as simple as earning trailhead badges on your Trailhead account. Webassessor and Trailhead accounts needs to be connected to each other in order to ensure that credential status is updated.Once the accounts are linked, the update will be visible within one week of completing the maintenance module on Trailhead.