Documentation recommended by Salesforce

  1. The document that you should begin with is - Developer Certification study guide. The guide includes course objectives and five sample questions. Another good start is the official Developer FAQ from Salesforce.
  2. Platform Fundamentals is the primary documentation recommended by Salesforce for the certification. If you are not taking the class-room training, plan to go through this manual couple of times.
  3. Salesforce has a document that provides suggested approach for preparing for Developer Certification.
  4. Salesforce Certification home page has an overview of all the exams.

Developer Books

This site provides some of the good books that will help to develop salesforce on demand application development skills. This would be extremely relevant as you built upon your core skills of salesforce developer.

  1. Advanced Apex Programming for and by Dan Appleman is static resource which helps to construct your path towards salesforce developer. This book is the best resource for anyone looking to improve their Apex development skills, either from the perspective of building applications for individual customers or for developing packages for the Salesforce AppExchange..Instead of trying to cover all the features of platform, Advanced Apex programming focuses entirely on the Apex language and core design patterns.

  2. Development with the Platform: Building Business Applications in the Cloud (2nd Edition) by Jason Ouellette is Excellent book for any programmers both beginner or familiar with other programming languages who wishes to get into Salesforce programming. This book covers all you need to know about user interface, database design, workflow,security and much more. This book helps in developing coding skills in Apex and Visualforce language.

  3. Fundamentals: An Introduction to Custom Application Development in the Cloud by Chris McGuire, Caroline Roth, Dave Carroll and Nick Tran is good buy. This book is for beginners and construct strong path towands the salesforce programming with help of this book.


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