Mock exam for developer exam

Kindly note that these questions are not taken from the real exam. These questions are provided to help you prepare for the developer certification exam. The real exam has 60 questions that need to be completed in 90 minutes. The questions are fairly situational. A real-life situation will be briefly described and developer will need to choose which feature of can be used in this situation. The exam will have less questions related to memorizing Salesforce quota limits (example maximum size of VisualForce page, maximum number of fields in an object etc.). Unless specified, all questions have exactly one correct answer. There is no negative marking. This exam is simpler than the real exam.
  1. When creating a new record of Contact. Which of the following is an required field?
    1. Name
    2. LastName
    3. AccountId
    4. FirstName

  2. A user wants to reference a stylesheet in his/her Visualforce Page? How can this be done?
    1. Upload it as a Static Resource
    2. Create a Salesforce File
    3. Upload it to Documents
    4. Upload it to chatter files

  3. A school is a custom object having details of classrooms(another custom object) in it, while creating a record of classroom it is mandatory to store the details of school.what kind of relationship can be created?
    1. Create a master-child relationship between them
    2. Create a junction object to store both the values
    3. Create a lookup relationship of candidate on position
    4. Create a external relationship

  4. A user wants to import more than 50,000 Accounts in Salesforce, how can this be done?
    1. Data Import Wizard
    2. Data Loader
    3. Change Set
    4. Eclipse

  5. Which of these is an Salesforce Edition?
    1. Public
    2. Private
    3. Group
    4. Limited

  6. CloudSystems wants to store additional information for each of its user. To do this the administrator will
    1. Create custom object and relate it to user
    2. Add custom fields to user object
    3. User object is a standard object and additional information for user cannot be stored
    4. Create an app to store the information

  7. What are the ways leads can be captured in salesforce(choose two answers)
    1. Web to lead
    2. Email to Lead
    3. Lead Import
    4. Lead Assignment

  8. How can we make a field required (Select all that apply.)
    1. Workflow Rule
    2. Checkbox on Field
    3. Record Type Rule
    4. Validation Rule
    5. Page Layout

  9. Out of these,which of these is not a Tab in salesforce?
    1. Custom Tabs
    2. Visualforce Tabs
    3. Web Tabs
    4. Standard Tabs

  10. Which statements are true about Master-Detail relationships. (Select all that apply.)
    1. The Parent field on child is required
    2. Access to parent determines access to children
    3. The Lookup field on page layout is required
    4. Can be multiple layers deep

  11. In an Organization with multiple users Where would a Salesforce Administrator enable the "Enhanced Profile List Views" functionality?
    1. Setup -> Security Controls -> Profile Settings
    2. Setup -> Security Controls -> User Settings
    3. Setup -> Manage Users -> Profiles
    4. Setup -> Customize -> User Interface

  12. An administrator in Cloud Systems creates permission sets.Permission sets can control access to which of the following settings? (There are two correct answers.)
    1. Field Permissions
    2. Visualforce page access
    3. Desktop client access
    4. Record types
    5. Assigned apps

  13. A client has 10 million records that need to be loaded into Salesforce How would you suggest to load these records
    1. Data Loader
    2. Use a third party data loading tool
    3. Data Import wizard
    4. Its not possible

  14. A customer service manager of cloudSystems would like to automatically assign cases to the most appropriate user to Handle the request.How can this be done?
    1. Case escalation rules
    2. Email to case
    3. case Assignment rules
    4. Auto response rules

  15. Identify appropriate the workflow actions among these. (There are two correct answers.)
    1. Create a mobile alert
    2. Create an inbound message
    3. Update a field
    4. Create a task
    5. Delete a record

  16. Identify which of the functions only works in validation rules?
    1. IMAGE
    2. VLOOKUP
    4. REGEX

  17. An Administrator in an organization can perform which of the following reporting tasks? (Select all that apply.)
    1. Schedule a report to run based on the time zone of the report recipient
    2. Schedule a report to be run a week from today
    3. Schedule a report to run on Fridays for the next four weeks
    4. Schedule a report to be emailed to users in different time zones

  18. In Bluesky, A custom object DetailsEmployee__c contains employee salary and other employee information. The HR Manager may see all information about the employee. However, the HR Administrator should not see the salary. What settings would you use to accomplish this?
    1. Sharing Rules
    2. Page Layouts
    3. Organization Wide Defaults
    4. Field Level Security
    5. Record Types

  19. Which of these is not a standard field in salesforce
    1. owner
    2. lastmodifiedby
    3. Name
    4. Time

  20. When creating Reports, which step is to be followed first? Select the one correct answer.
    1. Select report name
    2. Select object on which report needs to be generated
    3. Select type of report
    4. Select columns to be displayed

  21. Which of these are valid data type in development platform. Select the two correct answers.
    1. Percent
    2. URL
    3. Choicebox
    4. Long
    5. Decimal

  22. A user wants the data from a report to be saved in a .CSV file. What button would you press to accomplish this?
    1. Convert Data
    2. Export Details
    3. Save As
    4. Printable View

  23. Which of the following is true about Validation Rules? Select two correct answers
    1. Validation rules are executed when user clicks on save button
    2. Validation rules are not applicable when the data is stored using the api
    3. If the error condition evaluates to true,then an error message is generated and record is not saved
    4. Validation rules are applied only when a new record is created, and not when the existing record is edited.
  1. b
  2. a
  3. a
  4. b
  5. c
  6. b
  7. a and c
  8. b,d and e
  9. d
  10. a,b and c
  11. d
  12. a & b
  13. b
  14. c
  15. c & d
  16. b
  17. b,c & d
  18. d
  19. d
  20. b
  21. a & b
  22. b
  23. a & c